March 22, 2019

Mice may seem to be a persistent pest throughout the year but there is a peak in their season.  In Colorado, mice season runs from October through March. You may notice an increase in the first part of October and then in March possibly a peak period. 

If you try to control mice on your own by setting traps or possibly by putting out poison bait (or maybe both) and your problem stops, that does not necessarily mean that you have stopped your issue completely. It's a very good idea to bring in a professional pest control technician.  They will do a full inspection of your house and look for areas of compromise or access points for the rodents. A good trained eye will locate these for you and will seal them or let you know that it is a construction issue in the house and you may need a contractor to repair that location.  This is the way to truly secure your house and prevent mice from entering your home at all. 

Please feel free to call Independent Pest Control for a rodent inspection and treatment at your home or even just for information if you want to try to tackle it yourself.  We are happy to help you as much as we can. Keep in mind, a trained eye is always your best tool to use in control of mice your property.

Ant Swarmers

March 1, 2019

Ants are easily one of the biggest issues we deal with every Spring and Summer. They seem to be coming out of the wood work- literally. The different ants we deal with are carpenter ants, harvester ants, and pavement ants are probably number one. Sometimes I think that ants will take over the world.
As a personal and professional pest control company, we have the chemicals and abilities to control and even get rid of ants for the rest of your summer. In the springtime usually you may find that flying ants appear. These are called swarmers. Swarmers' sole purpose in life is to get out, mate and start a new colony. That's literally all they seek to do. So once the Queen has been fertilized. she will start a new colony - sometimes close, sometimes far. However, if we are able to get ahold of the swarmers before they can get to the queen, that is the best way to control them. They are a little more difficult to control but if you call us we can put chemical in place to hopefully prevent swarmers from coming back. The best way to deal with swarmers is to vacuum them up. If you know where they are coming in - the location or entry points, we will come and treat those locations. Remember, as pest control professionals, we always think of your safety first along with your pets' safety but with that in mind, we are still able to handle the issue at hand on a professional level.